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Best application for OFF-ROAD

RALLY COMPUTER MOBILE combines many functions necessary for navigating in difficult terrain. Designed for both professionals and amateurs.

TRIPMETER enables efficient timing of individual sections of the route during the trip. You can easily add more waypoints. Friendly user interface does not cause problems while driving.

INCLINOMETER significantly increases safety when climbing difficult routes. Allows you to check the inclination of the vehicle in two planes during the difficult and risky maneuver.

ROUTES defeated during the expedition can be stored in the mobile device in the popular KML format. You can view and edit the route on the map directly on your phone or tablet.

STORE the routes on a server to access them from anywhere on Earth. Sent routes you can view on your computer via the service

SHARE routes with friends through You can share your route by sending links to e-mail or social networks.

TRY FOR FREE Rally Computer Mobile app and service All features are available for 30 days.

Rally Computer Mobile

Simple, fast and useful

Rally Computer Mobile is an application created for a simple, intuitive and most importantly useful action.
The application uses many of the latest technologies offered by mobile devices.

System Requirements

Get it on Google Play

The application runs on smartphones and tablets containing Android 2.2 or higher.